What is a ‘PTT’ button

A PTT (Press to Talk) or (Press to Transmit) button is on all two way radios and many mobile phones. The button is used to transmit a communication, it is active when pressed and not when depressed, the user simply presses the PTT button, waits for half a second and transmits their Image result for pressing a ptt buttonmessage. When the button isn’t pressed the device is in listen mode and will receive any messages from other users.

Devices with PTT buttons tend to be a cheaper option,  instantaneous communication and the ability to communicate on-demand is a huge positive for this technology.

PTT buttons come in lots of different forms, from PTT buttons on the side of 2 way radios and mobile phones to smaller PTT’s on radio earpieces. Specialist PTT buttons are designed for fire marshals to communicate whilst using protective gloves to bluetooth buttons.

If you have ever pressed a button to talk into something you have used a PTT button.